Winter Care For Your Dog!

grit warning

As the cold weather hits the UK, we thought we would highlight some of the risks our dogs face over the Winter Period!

Here are some key points on what you should look out for this winter and how to deal with them……

  • Road Salt and Grit are big problems this time of year for our dogs paws. These salts/grits contain a de-icing product that can cause chemical burns on skin if exposed. We suggest trying to avoid walking your dog over these surfaces, we understand this is not always possible so once you return home wash and dry there paws.
  • Something else to look out for are ice balls that form between the pads and toes on the paws, they can also cling to the hair surrounding the paw, this can be very uncomfortable and could lead to ice burns. Getting into the habit of checking your dogs paws after a walk is a great idea, we also suggest to try and keep the hair around their paws trimmed over winter as this will help to minimise ice balls.
  • Antifreeze and De – Icer products are extremely popular this time of year. Unfortunately these are highly poisonous to dogs, they have a sweet smell and taste which can encourage pets to try and get to them. It’s important to keep these away from your pets.
  • No one likes being left outside especially when it’s cold, dogs can suffer from frostbite and even hypothermia so insure your dog is not left in the cold for to long and also give your dog the chance to get warmed up.


We hope these tips will help to keep your dog safe and healthy this winter season!

The Happy Tails Team