A Happy and Healthy Start To 2017


First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are set for the New Year!

In this Blog we have decided to share some of our top tips to how you can insure your dog has the best start to 2017!


  • Vaccinations – Start the year of the right way by insuring all vaccinations are up to date or find out what vaccinations are due this year.

Dog and the vet

  • Pet Proof your home – It’s important to make sure your home is pet friendly. Be especially careful at this time of year as new Christmas presents tend to be left out, this means there is new things for your dog to explore and even chew. So make sure all your lovely new presents are properly put away! DON’T FORGET THE CHOCOLATE! pet-proof-your-home
  • Exercise – Getting into a routine at the start of the year will be the best way to insure you stay in your routine! A short walk a day will not only help your dogs weight but also will help to fight arthritis and diabetes.

dog with leather leash

  • The right diet – Finding the right diet is key for a healthy and happy life. We work with Mcadams, they are the only meat free food made using whole British free range chicken from ethical farms across the UK. You can check out Mcadams website from this link, http://mcadamspetfoods.com/

mcadams-web-logo-alpha mcadams-range




  • Stimulating your dogs Brain-  It’s important to insure your dog gets the right amount of exercise but your dogs brain is just as important. To help stimulate your dogs brain you can simply supply them with interactive toys or perhaps teach them a new trick! Agility training is a great way to insure your dog gets physically healthy and also keeps there brain sharp and stimulated!

smart dog

If your working schedule is getting in the way of time with your dog or your worried about leaving your dog at home all day on there own then consider sending your dog to Day Care. Here at Happy Tails we pride our self on offering a service that fits in around your day to day life! For more information please feel free to contact us!

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