Day Care

Your dog will spend the day playing with other dogs of similar size in supervised fields.  They can run, play and swim within our 4 acre site or take a dip in one of our ponds or streams.
The dogs are under constant supervision from our team on site and you can see what they’ve been up to through Facebook and Twitter page!

If it gets cold they can relax in a heated cabins with dog beds or if it gets to hot they can chill out under a outdoor gazebos or under our mature oak trees for shade.

Half Day Care

Your dog will spend a minimum of 2 hours at the Day Care Centre running around and having fun with friends. This gives your dog the companionship and exercise they need to be health and stimulated without the expense of full day care.

We can hold a set of your door keys and drop your dog off whilst you’re out ready for lunchtime and a nap before you come home.

Puppy Socialisation
Happy Tails Doggy Day Care Centre offers the perfect environment for your puppy to grow and socialise. All of our supervisors have experience of handling puppies and will go out of their way to ensure your puppy is properly looked after whilst in their care. We appreciate your puppy will want to run around with the rest of the dogs however, while it’s good for them to exercise it’s also critical your puppy has enough “rest time” to let them recover. Our supervisors constantly monitor the dogs to ensure your puppy is not over exercised and that they have sufficient rest time. We supply comfy beds and provide a quiet area away from the other dogs where they can lie down and have a sleep.
Dog Walking

Exercise is the answer to having a healthy dog and ensuring your dog is walked daily is the best way to give him a happy and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, we all lead such busy life styles nowadays that finding time to walk the dog comes way down the priority list.

This is where Happy Tails dog walking service comes in. Why not let us take care of looking after your dog and making sure he or she enjoys a good walk in the park for an hour. Not only do we provide doggy day care we’re also able to provide you with a friendly and reliable dog-walking service.

Are you insured?

A: Yes. Happy Tails is insured with specialist animal trade insurers. Our insurance covers public liability; day care, custody, control and transportation of your dog.

Q: Can I meet the team and see the facilities before sending my dog?

A: Yes. We would expect you to do this, in fact we recommend it. You’re welcome to drop by and meet the team, you can ask questions and see where your dog will spend their day. You can witness first hand who they’re with, see what they’re doing and most importantly, you can see how much they’re enjoying themselves. We’re confident you will be impressed!

Q: What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with another dog?

A: It’s really important your dog get’s on well with other dogs. Before accepting your dog into our community, a member of the Happy Tails team will meet your dog and assess their suitability. We only accept social dogs with no history of aggression, this ensures all of our dogs are happy in one another’s company, and reduces the risk of your dog not getting on with another dog. Once they’ve settled the dogs usually form their own social groups and tend to stay with dogs who enjoy similar activities.

Q: Do you only accept well-trained dogs?

A: No. It helps but it’s not an essential. At Happy Tails we don’t provide specific training but if you speak to other dog owners they will tell you they have noticed marked improvement in their dog’s behaviour after attending the Day Care Centre.

Q: What happens in an emergency?

A: We hold a telephone list of all of our clients. In the event of an emergency we will call you immediately to discuss the situation. If we can’t get hold of you and urgent medical attention is required we will take your pet to the nearest veterinary practice.

Q: When do you collect my Dog for Day Care?

A: Due to the variations in travel we don’t give specific pick up or drop off times. However, we endeavour to collect your dog by 09:30

Q: How long is a Doggy Day Care Day?

A: We aim to pick up your dog between 8.30 and 9.30, returning them home between 3.30 and 4.30. This gives your dog about 6 hours of socialisation and exercise at the centre.

Q: What does doggy day care cost?

A: Our full day care service is £33 a day which includes pick up and drop off!

Q: What is a doggyy day care centre?

A: Our Day care centre is based on a 4 acre site with heated cabins, pools for those hot summer days, supervised field so your dog can truly enjoy them self!

Q: Doggy Day care for puppies?

A: Our Doggy Day Care Centre offers the perfect environment for your puppy to grow and socialise.

Q: Doggy day care for small dogs?

A: Looking for day care for your small dog? No problem we can most likely help you out!

Q: Doggy day care near me?

A: Drop us an email with your postcode and we can let you know if we cover your area, below are some areas we cover…

  • Sundridge/Chevening Kent
  • Edenbridge
  • Sevenoaks
  • Orpington
  • Tunbridge Wells
  • Brasted
  • Oxted



Q: What does a day in doggy day care look like?

A: A day at Happy Tails involves a lot of fun and play, along with lovely walks around our site! Your dog will truly have a brilliant day , head over to our facebook page to see videos of what the gang get up too!


Q: Do I need to be home when you collect or drop off my dog?

A: No. In actual fact most of our clients are at work when we pick up and drop off. All members of the Happy Tails team with access to clients homes are CRB checked and vetted through

Q: Will my dog be supervised at all times?

A: Yes. From the minute we pick your dog up in the morning until we return him or her in the afternoon your dog will be under constant supervision. All of our supervisors are dog owners and experienced in dealing with dogs.

Q: What happens when it rains or is too cold for my dog to be outside?

A: We have a specially designed heated cabin where your dog can go to escape the weather or even to just have a rest if they feel tired. We provide every dog with a nice comfy bed.

Q: I have a puppy or small dog, can they come to the Day Care Centre?

A: Yes. We have a designated area for puppies and as they get older you’ll find the Day Care Centre the perfect environment for your puppy to grow and socialise. We accept puppies from as young as 12 weeks old or once they are out of their vaccination period.

Q: Do I need to book in the same days each week?

A: No but we do require you to book a week in advance. This allows us to ensure we provide the correct level of supervisors to dogs.

Q: My dog doesn’t like crates or confined space, will he be stressed travelling to and from the centre?

A: No. Our drivers are trained to carefully assess every dog in their care and to make sure that every dog is comfortable with the journey. Our crates are varying sizes and vet approved, this ensures your dog has plenty of space. We very rarely find the dogs have issues with the van or crates, they associate the travel with running around with their friends and that’s normally a positive.

Q: Can my dog stay at the Day Care Centre overnight?

A: No. Dogs cannot stay at the Day Care Centre overnight. We do offer a pet sitting service via our supervisors.

Q: Do you offer day care on the weekends and bank holidays?

A: Happy Tails only operate from Monday-Friday.

Q: What is doggy day care?

A: Refers to a short-term daytime care for dogs. … It shares many similarities with a regular daycare for children.

Q : Is doggy day care good for dogs?

A: Doggy Day Care is a great service for your self and your dog! It’s a great way for dogs to socialise.

Q : Doggy daycare with pools?

A: During the hot weather we always have our little pools out for your dog to cool down and enjoy!

Q : Jobs in doggy day care?

A: Drop us an email to see if we are currently recruiting.

Half Day Prices Full Day Prices
1 dog From £23    (2 hours minimum/Subject to Terms & Conditions) From £33    (per day)
2 dogs From £34    (2 hours minimum/Subject to Terms & Conditions) From £50    (per day)
Billed as a fixed monthly fee Billed as a fixed monthly fee


All prices are inclusive of VAT.
We are open Monday – Friday, excluding bank holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year.
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